Graffiti Restaurant is a place that serves “modernist cuisine”. Like graffiti, modernist cuisine requires the ingenuity and creativity of the chef. In essence, modernist cuisine refers to cooking techniques that combine science and food. Techniques may include the use of a wide range of equipment and ingredients such as sous-vide devices, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, pressure cookers, or water-vapor ovens. As such, modernist cuisine is a fun experience not only for the chef, but for the one eating. It’s an enriching, eye-opening way to experience and interact with food.

Although it’s becoming more popular in the last few years, modernist cuisine remains to be an experience that only few try. Graffiti’s goal is to promote and bring these cooking techniques for everyone to try. Cooking techniques are ever-evolving and through constant experimentation, we hope to continue to celebrate and expand our understand of food.